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Mind Body Spirit Release

Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR™) is a effective energy healing technique developed byTracy Southwick at Heights of Health in Houston, TX to facilitate the release of cellular imprints from negative experiences, emotions and trauma to heal at a holistic level.

What is Mind Body Spirit Release™? 

  • MBSR™ is a holistic method to help you release cellular imprints from negative experiences, emotions, and trauma without having to relive any of these events.

  • A method to help you recognize and release what is holding you back on an energetic plane from reaching your goals, and/or living in your full embodiment. 

  • A system to access emotional, mental, spiritual, limiting beliefs, toxic thoughts, and detrimental imprints from trauma, traumatic events or impressionable experiences imprinted in the subconscious mind and body.

  • A technique using muscle/energetic testing ana cold light laser on specific reflex points and meridians of the body to open up the body’s energetic flow, to allow proper release and healing. 

  • A tool to help gracefully and easily guide your body back into balance without having to relive painful memories and experiences. 

MBSR™ is simple, effective and can literally change your life – are you ready to let go of what is holding you back?


Can You Explain how MBSR™ Works? 

Our bodies remember every hormone, neurotransmitter, energy/nerve block, limiting belief and emotion from each significant event in our lives, even though we might not remember in our conscious minds.

When our cells are triggered – maybe it’s a person, emotion, relationship or even a smell – it recalls an event, and our bodies can re-enact the same experience on a biochemical (and subconscious) level over which we have no control.

While we have no control over these biochemical reactions, they can make us experience uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms until we remove the stimuli.

MBSR™ is a way to help identify those negative cellular imprints buried in the subconscious and release them so that you are free to re- create your own story, to reach the goals you desire, to be more of the person you want to be.

Depending on the number of layers or imprints, results can be immediate, or can happen gradually through several clearings over time.

MBSR™ technique is truly a unique healing modality to help bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance.


How Do You Access These Blocks?

As a trained and certified practitioner, I use a technique sometimes applied by hypnotherapists, psychologists and psychotherapists called The Ideomotor Response. It is easily done by measuring a muscle (-motor) response to an “idea” (ideo-) or statement. In this case, I use a pendulum which responds via muscle movements in the hand.

This testing method taps into the subconscious mind through the nervous system, providing date that’s relevant to the blocks keeping you from reaching your goals. Once I find the subconscious blocks, I’m able to clear them.


How Do You Clear These Blocks?

Once we are aware of the blocks, we can use a cold laser to stimulate certain acupuncture points, meridians and reflex points to eliminate the body’s stress reaction to the blocks and allow you to input healthy beliefs that support your goal. Sessions can effectively be held in person or remotely.


What Can be Cleared During an MBSR™ Session:

What Can Be Released in a MBSR™ Session

What to Expect After Your Visit:

Mind Body Spirit Release™ is very individualized and each person processes through the clearing differently.  Many people immediately feel like a weight is lifted and are very relaxed and even a bit detached, while others also go through a detox of sorts as the body is finally able to release stored physical and emotional toxins.  This is normal and healthy and very short-lived.

Remember that this modality only truly works if you are involved in the process, believe in it, willing to let go of your blocks and to do the work to move to the next level of wellbeing.


Example of a Basic Clearing:

A basic overview of how to do a Mind Body Spirit Release™ clearing.

What are Sessions Like?

Full-Length Session: 
The second session is a full-length session (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes) where you set an intention to your emotional clearing. Then, I find all blocks to your intention, review the findings and facilitate the clearing with you.


Session Cost & Scheduling

Sessions can be done in person or through distance work and I see 90% of my clients virtually right now.  

  • All Full-Length MBSR™ sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. 

Payment can be made through Stripe (credit card) Paypal or Venmo at the time of your appointment. 

To Schedule an MBSR Session: 

You can schedule an appointment with Corinne here or email me at [email protected]


*The Mind Body Spirit Release™ technique is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe in any way, nor take the place of medical/therapeutic care.