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don't settle for surviving, when you could be thriving

My approach to full mind, body, soul wellness is grounded in simplicity. Let’s cut through the noise and focus on being our most vital selves through healing beliefs, emotions, and living in tune with our bodies and nature. Your body has the capability to heal, live in alignment with your vital force and be joyful.

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redefine what wellness means to you

Our beautiful bodies are expertly designed to be powerful healers. However, it can be hard to see this when you’re overwhelmed with all the noise – what you consume (your environment, what you take in, hear, see, conversations you have, and are told to do, be, etc.)

Are you ready to cut through the noise and redefine what your life looks and feels like?

I want you to wake up feeling rested, confident in your own skin, and energized. I want to help you feel more joy in your life and with your family. I love to support and empower women, children and those who are ready to embrace life with a sense of peace, purpose and to feel nourished in their bodies, mind and on a soul level.

This can be your reality.


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Mind Body Spirit Release

MBSR™ helps identify negative cellular imprints suppressed in the subconscious mind. Let’s transform the energy so you’re free from emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, sabotaging thoughts and disconnection between aspects of yourself. It’s time to stop attaching to negative emotions & thoughts, and finally live a life in alignment, mind, body, soul and energy.


homeopathy for acute conditions

Acute Homeopathy

I’ve found homeopathy to help the body move through physical responses, more gently and effectively than any supplement, protocol or expensive piece of medical equipment. Learn how to use homeopathy at home for acute situations. Homeopathy is safe and effective for children, adults, and during pregnancy with no side-effects.



Non-Toxic Living

Toxicants are a big contributor of physical dis-ease, and research proves accumulation of them in the body can sabotage optimal function, especially in children who are more susceptible. Learn how to make safer lifestyle choices. You’ll also learn how to realign your body, intuition and energy through daily habits and create a masterful foundation of health. 

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hi, i’m corinne, here's a little about my work...

Mama to three (ages 13, 13 and 9), I’m a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHP), Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP), and Certified Mind Body Spirit Release™ Practitioner (Professional Level) with a private practice. 

Having endured significant health challenges myself and watched my young children struggle through years of symptoms, diagnoses and a bandaid approach to health, I was , threatened by the same medical institution supposed to be helping us because I kept pursing the one thing they couldn’t give me – an answer to why these things happened in the first place. Armed with a mother’s intuition and drive for answers, I weeded my way through dozens of allopathic, natural and holistic practitioners and tools until I could finally bring about homeostatis to the bodies of my family members. 

I saw the biggest improvements in my family from low-tox living, emotional healing at the subconscious level and living a life aligned with natural cycles. I fell in love with  the simplicity of harnessing the power of energy, body, soul and mind in harmonic collaboration. 

Working at the subconscious level and the energetic plane where all imbalance first originates, we can transform non-beneficial emotions, beliefs, memories, ancestral programming and allow our own vital force to thrive.

I believe you can be the healthy, happy and peace-filled person you want to be. All the answers are already within you – I simply want to help you unlock them.

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