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don't settle for surviving, when you could be thriving

My approach to mind, body, spirit health is grounded in simplicity. Let’s cut through the noise and focus on achieving vitality through healing energy and emotions, which often get overlooked. My holistic methods for mind, body, spirit and energy will help you find balance and tap into your body’s own innate ability to heal.

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redefine what wellness means to you

Our beautiful bodies are designed to be innate healers. However, it can be hard to see this when you’re overwhelmed with so much noise – what you consume (your environment, what you take in, hear, see, conversations you have, and are told to do, be, etc.)

Are you ready to redefine what your life looks like?

I want you to wake up feeling rested and more confident in your own skin. I want to help you feel more joy in your life and with your family. I love to support and empower women, children and those who are ready to embrace life with a sense of peace, purpose and to feel energized and nourished in their bodies.

This can be your reality.


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Mind Body Spirit Release

MBSR™ is a way to help identify negative cellular imprints buried in the subconscious and release them so you are free from emotional baggage and can properly fortify the body’s overall wellbeing – mind, body and spirit.


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Energy Empowerment

I will guide you using Medical Intuition and energy healing techniques to release non-beneficial energy, beliefs, thoughts, memories, negative energy, subconscious blocks (and more!) which can be the point of origin for an imbalance in the body. Once everything has been removed or neutralized, we will fill the body with beneficial frequencies and purposeful intention. 



Non-Toxic Living

Toxicants are a huge contributor to physical dis-ease in the body, and research proves accumulation of them in the body can sabotage optimal function, especially in children. Learn how to make safer lifestyle choices. (Please note: I do not consult on this or offer protocols any longer in my practice, but this collection can be a helpful resource if you’d like to learn more and take charge of your environment.)

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hi, i’m corinne, here's a little about my work...

Mama to three (ages 11, 11 and 7) and Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Mind Body Spirit Release™ Practitioner (Professional Level), Medical Intuitive, and Integrative Health Practitioner.

Having endured significant health challenges myself and watching my young children struggle through years of diagnoses and symptoms without any lasting relief or real understanding of WHY, I weeded my way through both western and eastern medicine offerings on my own and landed on a combination of tools to help the physical, emotional and energetic body. 

This is where I fell in love with the simplicity of harnessing the power of energy and the mind in collaboration. It’s also where I saw the biggest improvements in my children and my own health when they were utilized. 

Working at the subconscious level and the energetic plane where all imbalance first originates, we can remove non-beneficial emotions, beliefs, thoughts, memories, ancestral programming and instill any frequency such as health, abundance, vitality, love, prosperity, we choose.

All things are composed of energy and the intelligent mind has the ability to mold this energy into whatever it chooses. I can’t tell you that utilizing energy is a magic potion, but whatever you believe, you’ll bring it into your reality. 

With all our science advancements and achievements, we still only know how 10% of the mind functions. The other 90% is what scientists refer to as “junk.” But what if you thought of this undiscovered 90% of the mind as your greatest adversary to being, having and living as your choose? 

I believe you can be the healthy, happy and peace-filled person you want to be. All the answers are already within you – I want to help you unlock them.

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