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Mind Body Spirit Release™

Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR™) is an energy healing technique used to help negative cellular imprints that are buried in the subconscious and release them so you are free from emotional baggage, and help to fortify the body’s overall wellbeing.

Throughout life we have many experiences and events which shape us in ways we don’t consciously recognize. Many of these experiences can imbed beliefs and blocks within us if if emotions are left unprocessed.  

Emotional health in particular is often overlooked in the healing process, yet plays a central role in one’s wellbeing. Author Louise Hay says physical symptoms are tangible evidence of what’s going on in the unconscious mind and how we REALLY feel deep inside

why MBSR™works

release what doesn't serve you

Our bodies remember every hormone, neurotransmitter, energy/nerve block, limiting belief and emotion from each significant event in our lives, even though we might not remember them consciously.

When our cells are triggered – through a scent, person, song, image, etc. – cellular memory recalls the event, and the body can re-enact the same experience from when the emotion was first lodge on a biochemical (and the subconscious) level. This can make us re-enact the same uncomfortable experience physically and emotionally right now, over which we have no control or little-to-no awareness of why it’s happening.

MBSR™ is a gentle way to help identify those negative cellular imprints buried in the subconscious and release them so that you are free to re-create your own story, to reach the goals you desire, and are freed from the emotional baggage, so to speak.

Instead of being directed by the subconscious (and therefore oftentimes unknown) reactions, MBSR™ helps us recognize what is impacting our emotions and behavior, and release these imprints to “deactivate” the subsequent reactions.

What can be released through Mind Body Spirit Release™: 

MBSR™ is not a magic fix – you still need to integrate these emotional releases and be present through the shifts you make. A desire to work through upgrades and be an active participant in your personal growth is essential

finding & releasing trapped emotions

As a trained MBSR practitioner, I utilize forms of muscle testing. Muscle testing is a natural stress response called binary biofeedback – the measure of the body’s response to a stimulus (an idea, statement, supplement, vial, etc.) – and it becomes a language between myself and my client’s body and subconscious.

Binary Biofeedback is used in things like EEGs, ECGs, heart rate monitors, and other measuring devices. With Muscle Testing, we’re using the body’s muscles to measure a response because the body is a biofeedback device in itself.

Muscles are controlled by nerves and respond in different ways to nerve messages. We can utilize muscle strength as a way to understand nervous system communication by interpreting responses.

When the body is presented with something that applies stress, electrical signals between the brain and muscles are “short-circuited” and a negative response will show up as a weak muscle response (incompatibility.) When presented with something the body is compatible with, the muscle will test “strong,” (a positive response.)

Once the research is complete, I will mitigate these stressors via cold light therapy. I’ll run a cold laser on the client (in-person clients) or myself serving as proxy (remote clients) along specific acupuncture points, meridians and organs to stimulate the nervous system.

This activates the neurological and endocrine systems and disrupts the stress response. Cold laser therapy calms the nervous system, which releases negative store associations with the stressors. In turn, this reduces the body’s stress response and allows energy to flow more easily throughout, and into the body’s naturally-designed healing processes.

how the body stores trauma

wellness investment

MBSR Test Kit 2


 mind body spirit release™session

A full Mind Body Spirit Release™ session includes checking for related blocks to the following categories”

  • Generational / Inherited Blocks

  • Blocks from Events

  • Inherited Miasm(s) (disease energy imbalances)

  • Blocks from Paradigms

  • Addressing Emotions Imprinted on Pathogens, Biofilm and Toxins

  • Emotions with Hormones & Neurotransmitters

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Blocks in the Sympathetic, Parasympathetic Nervous Systems, and Vagus Nerve

  • Blocks from Negative Emotions

  • Blocks to Positive Emotions

  • Blocks from Specific Organs & Glands

  • Blocks from Emotions in the Spine

  • Blocks from Emotions from Scars

  • Dis-Resonance Between People/Groups to Improve Relationships

  • Blocks to Success & Prosperity

InVESTMENT is $125 Child / $175 adult Per MBSR™ Session



*Please reach out if you’d like Package pricing for mult-sessions, family or pets.

ready to stop wishing, and get started?

I can’t wait for you to explore more about this emotional release technique and all the benefits it has to offer. Schedule an appointment or read through the most common FAQ about what a MBSR session looks like, how it works, what you can expect, and more.

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