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Avoid plastics and chemical exposure to babies and toddlers. How to choose a safe BPA-free bottles and sippy cups without toxic chemicals. 

Safe Drinking Options for Children: Non-Plastic & BPA-Free Bottles and Sippy Cups

Inside This Post: Avoid plastics and chemical exposure to babies and toddlers. How to choose a safe BPA-free bottles and sippy cups without toxic chemicals. 

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Non Toxic Baby & Kids Drinking Cups

I was looking through baby albums recently and couldn’t help but cringe when I saw the baby bottles and sippy cups made of plastic.

Back then, I had no idea how harmful plastics are and the chemicals that leach into the liquids and then in my baby’s bodies. BPA-free wasn’t on labels just yet and I often wonder, what long-term damage this plastic use could have on my children.


Why Avoid Plastic?

We’ve since wised up, ditched the plastics and switched everything to BPA and plastic free options for everyone in my family.

I am especially carefully about what my children are exposed to and do my best to steer us clear of plastics when we’re not at home, such as eating out at a restaurant, a relative’s home or buying items from the grocery store.

Plastic contains endocrine disrupting chemicals, also referred to as hormone disruptors because they affect the reproductive organs in pregnant women, children and can lead to problems with fertility.

You’ve likely heard of bispehnol-a (BPA) which causes estrogen mimicking properties in the body. While you want to be a conscious shopper and avoid BPA products, just because an item say it’s BPA-free, doesn’t mean it’s safe.

A lot of chemicals are used to make an item BPA-free aren’t any safer (and possibly worse) and may still contain contain harmful chemicals like:

  • BPS and BPF– bisphenol-S or bisphenol-F have similar structures hormone mimicking and disrupting properties. These are the substitutes for BPA and are often found in BPA free products.
  • Phthalates– linked to immune system suppression and hormone problems, particularly in boys and men because of it’s direct effect on the quality and quantity of sperm.
  • Polyvinylchloride– linked to cancer and birth defects

The ingredients which make up plastics can also be found in ground water and water supply systems. Water supply systems were never built to filter plastics and because of their micro size, they make it through supply systems, into fresh water, the ocean and back into your home’s water supply.

Plastic pollution is a widespread problem that’s dangerous not only for our health, but our world.

Avoid plastics and chemical exposure to babies and toddlers. How to choose a safe BPA-free bottles and sippy cups without toxic chemicals. 

8 Plastic & BPA Free Bottles and Sippy Cups

Our family avoids plastics like it’s hot lava and we use stainless steel water bottles in place of single-use plastics and plastic water bottles for drinking.

I’m especially vigilant about plastic-free and safe options for my children who are at the highest risk from the chemical exposure leaching from plastic containers.

I’ve spent hours upon hours searching for safe alternatives to regular plastic bottles, sippy cups, water bottles and drinking cups. So many products carry labels stating them as “green,” safe,” and “BPA-free,” but my research uncovered many options marketed this way but were indeed unsafe and used alternative chemicals like the ones listed above.

However, in all my research, I’ve uncovered options I’m comfortable using with my own children and feel good about sharing with you to use with your children, too.


LifeFactory Glass Baby Bottles LifeFactory makes these glass baby bottles are a naturally safe option and free from BPA, BPS and are phthalate-free. Use these with the silicon nipple for safe drinking. They also have a water bottle option (in a silicone sleeve) for older kids. These are easy to clean and the silicone sleeves helps reduce the risk of breaking if they’re dropped.

The LifeFactory bottles and water bottles are dishwasher safe and make for easy cleaning.


Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Infant Bottle 

This is a stainless steel bottle made of dishwasher safe, food grade #304 (18/8) stainless steel and medical grade silicone (nipple.) It doesn’t have any BPA, BPS, EA, PVC, phthalates, or other toxins. There’s no internal lining to ensure nothing ever leaches into your baby’s beverage. 

The Pura Kiki stainless steel bottle holds up really well and the top can be exchanged from bottle to sippy cup and water bottle, to grow with your child. Make sure you only buy the non-insulated bottles.

Here is a larger sized water bottle and a sports water bottle, to hold larger amounts of water for bigger kids.


Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottles

Another great glass baby bottle option. The Avent Glass Bottles with natural nipples for babies and even breastfed babies seem to take these bottles easily. The breast-shaped silicone nipple promotes natural latch on, so its easy to combine with breastfeeding. They are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.


SunCraft Stainless Steel Sippy Cups 

I love these SunCatcher stainless steel sippy cups. They work for toddlers learning to drink from a cup, and then you can remove the silicone top so it’s just a regular cup for drinking as kids get bigger. Everything is BPA, BPF and BPS-free, phthalate free and toxin free.

The silicon stretches pretty easily over the cup top and does a good job at not leaking when cups are tipped over or dropped. I hand wash the silicon pieces and put the cups right into the dishwasher for a quick clean.


Green Sprouts Glass Sippy Cup 

This Green Sprouts sippy cup is made from  glass with a silicone spout and sipper. It does however have a plastic outer coating to protect the glass, but does not touch the liquid inside. In theory the sippy cup works great, but the lid can lead if it’s not screwed on just rightly so.


Klean Kanteen 

Everyone in my family has their own Klean Kanteen water bottle (and we love them), but they also make stainless steel bottles for baby, sports-cap water bottles for kids in safe silicon and coffee tumblers for Mom and Dad.


Simple Modern Stainless Steel Water Bottles 


These water bottles from Simple Modern have a stainless steel bottle and lid, and keep beverages hot for a long time or very cold, which is perfect for my kid’s soccer and gymnastics practice.


Stainless Steel Drinking Cups 
We keep two sets of these stainless steel cups in our house for the kids to fill up their own water cups, but the extras are great to have on hand for playdates, visitors and times when you haven’t unloaded the dishwasher just yet. My kids like to use straws when they drink, so they have stainless steel straws that are non-toxic and definitely not plastic.

If you want a pop of color in your home, these stainless steel tumblers for toddlers are also a non-toxic and safe option.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Supplies for Toddlers & Kids 

Here are a few more stainless steel pieces we keep in the kitchen that work perfect for baby, toddler and grow with your kids. These stainless steel supplies are dishwasher safe, food-grade stainless steel and are completely non-toxic.


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